A Princess Diary

Dear Beloved Ibu ,
Here I’m Writing to say i ❤ You.
You’re The One Who Sacrified To Gave Birth To Me,
You’re The First To See Me Cry,
Watched Me Laughed for the very first time..
Watched Me Celebrate My First Birthday,
The One Who’s Always Supported me Whenever what happens,
Watched Me Breathe For The First Time,
Watched Me Learn For The First time,
Give Me Money To School,
Heard My First Word,
Knows My Favourite Food ,
Feed Me All The Time ,
The One’s Who’s Reading This :). Ibu..
Happy Birthday.. Semoga Allah S.W.T lanjutkan usia ibu. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ibu! I Love You :*
Sincerely , Your Daughter,
Sarah Kamilia Mohd Razif ❤ 🙂



Dear Syaza,
When the moment of 7:40 of 31st Of July you were born. When you came home with Ibu I was happy. I got A Naughty, Annoying but lovable sister. I remembered when we would play cooking , Working , Being twins , And Work at a restaurant. gosh. i miss that moment. Here I Stand Wishing You A Happy Birthday, May Allah SWT bless you in many ways but not atleast have a blasting day baby sista! L.O.L – Lot’s Of Love , Sarah Kamilia 🙂


Ok.. Today. The Last Day Of July. Huhu 😥 Dear August, Please Be Nice To Me 😀 Hehehe. Okay today i’m here cause Of ‘Annoying’ Okay. Everbody tried to ask me ‘ wehy ape tu idk?’ And I was like ‘ I don’t Know’ Then Diaorg ckp ‘ Ish! Tgk semua org tak tau’ Me : Hei! Idk tu means ‘I for I, D ‘ Don’t ‘ K for Know! ‘ -,- Guys. Please stop it. It’s A N N O Y I N G!
. Tq. -,- Btw , Thank You so much A page that make this -,-


Posted on: 19/07/2012

Yay yay esok puasa! yay yay! oops , Puasa sabtu la –” Hihihi ^.^ tak sabar nak puasa! yippee! Semoga Umur ku panjang untuk melakukan ibadah sepanjang Ramadhan ini 🙂 Amin. Satu Keluarga berazam nak puasa penuh , Razin Pun Ikut Sekali 🙂 Alhamdulilah. Ok this just pop in my head. Haha ok on Wednesday , After eating breakfast ibu said : Lagi berapa hari nak puasa?
Me And Syaza : 4 hari lagi!! Yay!!
Razin tiba tiba : Saya nak puasa la hari ni. *dah lepas subuh ni –“*
Ibu : Mana boleh .. dah lepas subuh dah..
Razin : Tak pe la ^.^
In The Car On the way to school
Razin : Nak beli satu roti hotdog
Me : Lorh… tdi ngan ibu tak nak beli? hmm. Ngah satu berapa?
Abg Ngah : 1.50
Me : Hmmm , Ok la *keluarkan duit*
*pass the bread to razin*
Razin : Eh?!? Saya puasa la hari ni!
Me : Hmm, Nnt kak Sarah simpan roti ni you ambik untuk buka puasa kay?
Razin : Kay…
Me At Class
Razin out the window when there’s no teacher : Pssst , Kak Sarah.. Sini jab *sambil tangan memanggil*
me : Yes? ape dia?
Razin : Nak roti hot dog tu. ^.^
Me : Eh.. bkn you puasa ke?
Razin : I tak tahan la , *take the bread*
Me : –”
Haha , Razin , Razin… Your just so cheeky ^_^
Selamat Menjalani Ramadhan!

Hi! How Are You? Fine. Thank You Allah For Making Me Healthy. Well long time no blogging. I have no idea no write about. So today i’m gonna write about my school’s Games. (Boys) – They like to play ‘ Hand Shot ‘ It’s Like you clap and you reload bullets and shot. 2) Running MAN – It’s A Korean Drama. They play it. -.- (Girls) – None-
And Since It’s Gerak Gempur For the year six! 1 st trial UPSR.good luck guys xx. I’m Year Five Ok. Don’t get confuse. 🙂 And I’m Tired getting scold by the year five -.- It’s Not my problem you got chased by the Ketua Pengawas 😛 serve you right. I gave you warning but what?. No… You want to get scold. Lalalalalala. K bye. See you guys later Xx. Sincerely , Sarah xx Crazy Hehehe . Ok bye. I Know i don’t make sense. k whatever. Bye.

Every Second , Minute , Hour , Day , Week , Month And Year I miss them So much , When i’m in need to talk to someone , I talk to them even though they are not here , But i always think that they were still here , 😦 But I know 🙂 They are in the Taman Syurga … Happily , Laughing , Loving … Nenek , Atuk .. Sarah rindu nenek ngan atuk , Al-Fatihah .. 😦 …

I don’t know that some people are rude , snobby , selfish , busy body , like to make faces behind peoples , get mad if we kept something , like to take things from people ( Rampas ) until today …

It’s Not My fault to kept something from you , some things people just can’t tell everything … There’s always one secret that everybody hid … I don’t hate you .. i just don’t like attitude … You like to hit people , scold people with no reason … hello ? I do my ‘tugas’ at school ok ? when times i get out late , i can’t do my job , so please understand …. and you shout bad things about me … you accidently made someones food then you NEVER say sorry , only you know … i can’t never advice you cause you will scold me … I’m not afraid of you just don’t want to fight …. everyday you speak of a word … it will hurt my heart cause you talk trash about me … Everyday i’d be patient and relax … Sorry …. 😦 just mad

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